The Green Way from Chinon to Richelieu by bike, almost entirely on a secure path!

It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes without stopping, but you’ll have plenty of beautiful things to see so plan for a good afternoon to a full day.

City Bike

The Green Way connecting Chinon to Richelieu offers 20 km of bike path along an old railway track. This historic route offers cyclists a great opportunity to discover the nature and heritage of the region, with sublime views of vineyards and the Assay pond landscapes. The restored former stations and the nine thematic stations offer pleasant breaks to rest and learn more about the history and culture of the region. This bike path is accessible in both directions, with free parking available in Chinon and Richelieu.

To find the bike path from Chinon, cross the Aliénor d’Aquitaine bridge over the Vienne river, continue to the roundabout after the Super U, then take the direction of the A10 (Chatellerault, Rivau, etc.), about 200m take the marked path just after the pharmacy, and you’ll be on the Green Way!

The route is punctuated by former stations, now restored by the Community of municipalities.

Just a few pedals away from the path, the Rivau Castle and the villages of Ligré and Champigny-sur-Veude are must-see heritage sites along the way. On the nature side, the Green Way offers sublime views of the Assay pond (ENS) and the vineyard landscapes that extend as far as the eye can see.

Some sites to see on your way on the Green Way

All these monuments are visitable, visits are chargeable but they are easily visible from the outside. This is a non-exhaustive list.


Château de Vauguyon in Chinon

Castle of Vauguyon
Castle of Vauguyon

The Château de La Vauguyon is located near the Château de Chinon, and the land of Vauguyon was originally under the jurisdiction of the parish of Parilly. Several buildings were erected along this bank of the Vienne, such as the Château des Brétignolles and the Manoir de la Boulardière. Part of the châtelet would date back to the 13th century, around 1250, while the large building would have been built in the 15th century. The first known lords of this domain are the Le Petit. Currently, it is a classified lodge. The beams are partly original, some dating back 800 years, but part of the roof had to be repaired. Clearly visible from the Green Way, it can only be visited by appointment:


Rivau Castle

Castle Rivau
Castle Rivau

Rivau Castle is a must-see tourist site located in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France. This castle is famous for its medieval architecture and its magnificent floral park. It was built in the 14th and 15th centuries and underwent several transformations over time. Visitors can admire the towers, moats, and rooms of the castle, as well as the themed gardens that surround the estate. Children will also be delighted to discover the farm animals and fairy tales staged in the park. Rivau Castle is an ideal place for a day out with family or friends, to discover the history of the region while enjoying the beauty of nature. Official website:


Sainte Chapelle of Champigny sur Veude

Holy Chapel of Champigny sur Veude
Holy Chapel of Champigny sur Veude

The Sainte-Chapelle of Champigny-sur-Veude is one of the seven remaining Holy Chapels, out of approximately ten originally built. It was constructed in the early 16th century by Louis I of Bourbon and has original stained glass windows in excellent condition. The stained glass windows, which depict portraits of the Bourbon-Montpensier family as well as the major events in the life of King Saint Louis and his crusades, are classified as historical monuments. The Sainte-Chapelle, which is dedicated to Saint Louis, is located just a few kilometers from the Château de Chinon. Initially, there was a castle, but it was demolished by Richelieu so as not to overshadow his own building, and today only the outbuildings remain, which are nevertheless very imposing.


Town of Richelieu

City of Richelieu
City of Richelieu

Although there is nothing left of the famous Château de Richelieu, you can still visit the park with some scattered elements of the former castle. The town, which was at the time a real attempt at innovation, is not lacking in interest. You can visit its two museums, including one dedicated to Cardinal Richelieu, the church, and its park. There are many cafes and shops near the park, so you can replenish your supplies there. Town website:


For learning, fun, and relaxation, stop at the nine themed stations along the way and download the app, apparently not available for Android.

You can also download the GéoVélo app: Android and iPhone.

To get an idea of the route, see this link: GéoVélo

Enjoy your bike ride or walk!

Practical information: The path can be taken in either direction, starting from Richelieu or Chinon. It connects to cycling routes 49, 50, and 52, allowing you to complete a loop. From Chinon, access is possible from Tours by TER train. Free parking is available in Chinon and Richelieu.