Approximately one hour’s drive from Chinon.

Address: Château de Chenonceau – 37150 Chenonceaux Phone: 02 47 23 90 07 Official website: Castle opening hours & visits: As the castle has different visiting hours depending on the period, I invite you to go to this page:

It is located in the town of Chenonceau in the department of Indre-et-Loire in the heart of the Loire Valley. The Château de Chenonceau is one of many castles in the Loire, and is often referred to as the Lady’s Castle due to the involvement of many women. It was built on a bridge that was once a fortified mill and later a fortified castle. The Tower of Marks is one of the surviving elements of the fort, perhaps the former castle, albeit on a rather modest scale. The current base of the castle was built by Thomas Bohier, the financial secretary of King François I. The interior of the castle is very striking, allowing one to travel through time in rooms furnished in different eras. Its bridges and galleries appear incredibly light, but still weigh 20,000 tons, created in part by Philibert Delorme.

A masterpiece of the first Renaissance, Chenonceau spans the Cher River, reflecting its white facades. Its graceful and airy architecture, free from any defensive constraints, is no doubt responsible for the passion it has inspired in women. From Diane de Poitiers to Marguerite Pelouze, and Catherine de Médicis, six women have made this pleasure castle the jewel of the Loire Valley.

Castle Chenonceau